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Calgary-based Canadian Floating Fence (CFFC) Chief Executive Officer Stephen Neal believes that his multi-platform containment system can be a solution for the ongoing mercury contamination north of Kenora, Ontario as reported by CBC and other media outlets. He got the Federal Environmental Minister’s attention, The Honourable Catherine McKenna, as she attended a SAIT sponsored media event 9 March 2017 where CFFC was one of a very few invited firms.  The “XBOOM” is an aquatic barrier system that captures contaminate particles at the molecular level while allowing water to pass.   The XBOOM, showcased and tested by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and an ASTech award winner in the Environmental Category in 2014, has been successfully deployed to address a variety of pollutants including oil spills, algae, and even silt remediation.  In the case of Grassy Narrows First Nation,...