Canadian Floating Fence Corporation | Redefining Water Spill Containment
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Industry Disruptive Technology

Canadian Floating Fence Corporation (CFFC) is a private company based in Calgary, Alberta that has developed an industry disruptive water spill containment technology called XBOOM. Canadian Floating Fence Corporation’s mission is to engineer, manufacture and market environmental protection containment systems to use in oil and gas, mining, marine, industrial, transportation, waste water and energy industries.
“By diverting, redirecting and containing hydrocarbons and other pollutants for fast recovery and removal significant environmental clean-up is expected to restore impacted waters and meet emerging and applicable regulatory compliances.”





Ariel Ginzburg is an applied research engineer, at the Environment Technologies Group, at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) department of Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS).


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Made In Canada


XBOOM is a Patent Pending technology comprising of supported polypropylene mesh filters which are capable of separating water and oil and withstanding forces of the surrounding wind and waves durably. The XBOOM filters large and small floating objects, bitumen and crude oil, and other water-borne debris. This versatile technology is an effective hydrocarbon spill containment tool on rivers, lakes or oceans; amidst wind and water currents; diverting, redirecting and ultimately containing the effluent in preparation for skimming and recovery. In a world thirsty for fossil-fuel-based energy, proactive measures can be taken to effectively contain accidental oil spills and transfer them safely to on-site collection systems.

Features and Economic Benefits

Our unique barrier system offers the following features:
▪ Can hold out up to 99.6% of crude oil while allowing water to flow through
▪ Can be rapidly deployed in any body of water, including oceans, lakes and settling ponds to effectively contain oil spills and protect against negative environmental impacts.
▪ Can easily launched a 50 ft. reel and have it upright in under 10 seconds and ready for towing 100 ft. in a few minutes.
▪ Can redirect river, lake and harbor debris and effluents such as algae and silt
▪ Can handle higher flow rates of water up to two knots
▪ Lower manpower and operational cost
▪ Product can be reused multiple times
▪ Mitigate potential fines from government and regulatory bodies

Case Studies

Variety Of Uses For XBOOM

▪ Oil spill systems
▪ Emergency recovery systems
▪ Environment recovery systems
▪ Seaport Cleaning
▪ River (Fresh Water) Cleaning
▪ Special use (Military Defense-Sea)
▪ Capturing and Recovery of Crude oil in Tailing Ponds
▪ Construction Silt Containment
▪ Algae Containment
▪ Pulp and Paper industry
▪ Mining releases

Sectors Served

▪ Oil and Gas
▪ Mining
▪ Marine
▪ Military
▪ Industrial
▪ Transportation


Selected to represent Alberta Innovates on a Trade Mission to Finland

XBOOM – 2014

Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Technology and Innovation Sponsored by Agrium Inc., Finalist

XBOOM vs Existing Boom

Traditional booms (such as dispersants and towable bags) do not control or contain oil on water because they are susceptible to failure from winds, waves and currents as low as 0.5 knots.

    • Compact and easy to ship

    • Ready to deploy

    • Quick launch features

    • Ready for deployment in minutes

    • Stable in winds and waves

    • Contains all kinds of effluent

    • Instant containment

    • Stable containment

    • ASTECH award winning results for containment of 94-99.6% of crude oil.

  • Existing Boom

    • Hard to clean and remove

    • Multiple workers to launch

    • Multiple workers to inflate and launch

    • Bulky and hard to manoeuver

    • Twists very easily

    • Affected by winds and waves

    • Erratic containment

    • Hard to control

    • Legacy Boom shows full undertow of oil and water



Request For Quote

We are looking forward to having an opportunity to work with your company. If you would like more information about our business and XBOOM technology, please contact us via the following form below and we will respond to you as soon as we can.